FLASHBACK: Thailand – Temples, Temples and more Temples!

Thailand is famous for their historic temples and traditions. So here’s a few: 

Along the way…to wat pho.
Tickets! 😀

Truly unforgettable. This is one of the biggest places we’ve ever been. 

It’s called Wat Pho. So many temples and palace. 

Goin back home to Station 1 from Station 8.
I think almost everywhere, there’s a Chinatown.
So this temple is actually located in Chinatown. Far from Wat Pho though.
Also in Chinatown.
On the bottom right hand corner, we were actually on our way  back from buying a ticket to Laos, when this man approached us and gave us names of places we should try. So amongst those places, we bumped into this big temple on the left. I’m not even sure what this is called but this was in Chinatown. This was a tribute to a king.