Mountain Adventures with Nikhsplorer!

Hi everyone! I’m back with another post!

Today, we’ll hear from Nikhail. Recently,  she is going to many places and I am glad that she agreed to share her traveling adventures with us. So if you haven’t been to the Philippines yet, here’s some itinerary you might want to add in your plan.

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Q: What’s your name?
A: Nikhail Grace Z. Gonzales aka nikhsplorer hehe 😅

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from Batangas but been working and living in Makati since 2012.

Q: What is your dream?
A: LOTS 😂 i have lots of dreams on different aspects but since this is about travel so my dream is to travel and explore different places in the philippines and even other parts of the world with a purpose. So Travel and explore with a purpose. A purpose that is more of others and less for self. You’ll know more about it in my succeeding trips. Hehe

Q: When have you decided that you want to travel? Is it something that you have always wanted?
A: Since I started working. Since I started earning on my own. Yes, always! 😃

Q: Where did you travel recently?
A: We had a day tour at Minalungao in Nueva Ecija last Feb. 26. And a trilogy hike in Nasugbu (Batulao, Talamitam and Apayang) last Jan. 14. And last dec 2016, had a 3 day trip in Agusan del Norte. Went to tinuy-an falls, enchanted river and island hopping at Britania group of islands.


                                                                   Minalugao, Nueve Ecija                                                                       Photo source: Nikhail Gonzales


                                                                                Batulao                                                                   Photo Source: Nikhail Gonzales





                                               Apayang                                                      Photo source: Nikhail Gonzales

Q: Is that your favorite place so far? If not, please tell me your favorite, and why?
A: So far, my favorite was the trilogy experience because I must say it is really an achievement to have climbed 3 mountains in one day with a side trip pa to caleruega church.

That’s indeed an achievement Nikhail! I think it’s amazing to climb 3 mountains in one day. I can imagine the thrill and satisfaction in every climb. 🙂


Q: Was it difficult to go there? How long did it take you to get there?
A: No it’s not. Since we left manila so early, we only had 1.5 hours of travel to nasugbu.

As you know, it’s always traffic in Manila so leaving early can give you a big headstart! Beat the traffic by leaving early. 🙂

Q: How much did you have to spend so you can experience the adventures at its best?
A: 3 mountains for only Php746.00 😁

Wow! That’s an awesome deal Nikhail! Guys, Php 746.00 is only 14.82 USD. You should include this in your next travel plan. 

Q: How often do you travel?
A: I aim and look forward to have a monthly get away on a budget.

Q: What motivates you to travel despite your busy schedule?
A: Hunger for learning and experience. It is when i travel i get recharged. It is when i travel i learn. It is when i travel i met new people. It is when i travel i get to know about different places. It is when I travel i get to know myself more.

Q: Which do you prefer: Day Tours/ Backpacking (for weeks or months)/ A few overnight stays?
A: So far, we go for DIY day tours.

Q: What are your preparations before going on a trip?
A: Read blogs and itineraries.

How about you guys? Do you do this to? ’cause I do! And it helps a lot. 🙂

Q: If you can travel for the next 3 months, where would you like to go? Why?
A: Batanes. Because of its breathtaking views like New Zealand in PH.

Q: What is your message to our friends who would like to travel but can’t find time out of their day jobs?
A: Make time! That’s the only thing. Or else they won’t be able to travel for the rest of their lives if they always have an excuse.

So there you have it!
Thank you Nikhail for sharing such an exciting experience. Hopefully we helped you get motivated. Life is short. Some things aren’t easy but we have to make time for it just like Nikhail.


If you have adventures like this, feel free to send me a message. Let’s talk! 🙂

STORY OF THE WEEK: From Japan to Canada; Years of Friendship #2

Hello once again! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed our story last week, because we are not yet done. Here’s the second part of Toshi-san’s wonderful experience.



Source: Toshi-san

For him, the best seasons are Summer, Spring and Autumn. These seasons are so good that he cannot choose one as the experiences are always memorable.

Of course, Canada is nothing without its people. Toshi-san says that there are good and bad people, like many others. His friend however, is a teacher in high school. His ancestors were from Germany and Scotland.

Years ago, his friend got married in Ottawa, which is the main city of Canada. The young husband has a business in Grand Prairie. They raised four children. Up until now, they still live there.

People in Canada come from different countries,. Toshi said. There are many kinds of people, except for those who are originally living in Canada in the old times. It is very different from the Japanese. For about 2,550 years in history, almost all of them are pure Japanese



Ottawa (source: Toshi-san)

I am delighted at Toshi’s great memory of the past. Everything seemed fresh and remembering these is a trip down memory lane. Finally, here’s his message for those who wants to visit Canada.


“Canada is all the same. It is the second biggest country in the world;. very very spacious. We cannot move without cars. Of course, there are trains available but it comes once or twice a day. When you move from one town to another, there’s about 400 or 500 km. There is no traffic jam, just a few cars.”

There you go guys! Toshi-san is encouraging you to explore Canada and experience a diverse culture without thinking about getting late to your next destination.


See you! 🙂




Enjoy the view in Pécs, Hungary

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” ~Jawaharlal Nehru

And I totally agree!  For today’s article, we are very lucky to see Hungary with the help of our friend Niels. There are many other places that he had been to but he chose Hungary for his first contribution. Now, if you have some questions about his trip, I took the liberty of asking him myself. 🙂


Conventional short form: Hungary
Local long form: none
Local short form: Magyarorszag
Etymology: the Byzantine Greeks refered to the tribes that arrived on the steppes of Eastern Europe in the 9th century as the “Oungroi,” a name that was later Latinized to “Ungri” and which became “Hungari”; the name originally meant an “[alliance of] ten tribes”; the Hungarian name “Magyarorszag” means “Land of the Magyars”; the term may derive from the most prominent of the Hungarian tribes, the Megyer 


Here it goes, let’s take a trip to Hungary!

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Netherlands. Image result for netherlands flag gif

Q: Why did you go to Hungary?

A: Because I had a summer holiday with my family and we saw a nice accommodation in Hungary. We really did appreciate the natural area.

Q: What do you like most about Hungary?

A: What I like the most about Hungary is the food and calm surrounding. It was all very relaxing and it’s not busy or chaotic.

Q: What is the most delicious Hungarian food you have ever tasted?

A: The food I liked the most in Hungary is hamburger and soups, very delicious. But you should also try Hungarian Goulash soup.


Q: What are the cities you recommend?

A:  I just visited one city and that was Pécs. Very beautiful architecture in the city of Pécs , it was a nice baroque architecture and beautiful old streets and walled city. Other places were villages or a castle. In hungary are a few big cities, I guess Pécs is the largest city in Hungary.



Q: How can you describe Hungarian people?

A: Hungary people are very friendly and polite, they aren’t noisy and sometimes a little bit closed. 

Q: Is their language difficult to learn?

A: Ooh Yes! Hungarian language is very difficult! Some Hungarians speak German or English. But Hungarian language is hard.

Hungarian Cyrillic alphabet

Q: What is your message to our friends who would like to travel?

A: Hungary is a quiet country. It’s relaxing  and they have a beautiful culture and city. Also, the food is tasty and Hungary is a good, cheap, travel destination in Eastern Europe.

Thank you Niels for taking your time to share the beauty of Pécs, Hungary. We hope to hear more from you soon. 🙂

So there you have it. Here are some details that could be helpful in your search for your next destination in Europe. 🙂

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FLASHBACK: Thailand 2015 – Finding Our Way

April 9 – 10, 2015
April 9: Left Philippines @9:35 PM. Feeling Giddy and nervous.April 10: Arrived at the Suvarnabhnmi International Airport in Thailand.

We slept til 6AM at the Airport after finding out that there won’t be MRT’s available as lates as 11:50PM. Then we bought tickets for the train; Tokens technically since it’s just a chip that was given to us by the machine.

                                                            Token going to Phaya Thai Station

To get there, we need to change to Siam and then ride again going to either Surasak Station or Chong Nonsi. We decided to go to Surasak.

Then we headed to ChareonKrung Road 47. Met a few acquiantiances from a nearby hotel who took time just to assist us! Salute! Maybe next time I visit, I’ll stay there!.
The Inn that we booked for was actually near but it wasn’t that easy finding it. It took us 2 and a half hours just to get to Centaur Inn.