FLASHBACK: Laos – Back to Vientiane

I was very excited to go back to Vientiane.


          Here I was when I checked the bus number.  It departed at 8am. 

The view from the bus

We arrived there at around 7PM.Unlike other ports, we can’t sleep there. The area closes at 8PM or 9PM.  We had to look for a place to stay. The experience from Luang Prabang wasn’t as exciting as Thailand. The travel time was so exhausting and a bit frightening. I am not sure how many times I wished I wasn’t there.Although, the good thing about Laos is, you can truly relax with its ambiance. It has its benefits especially to those who wishes to escape quick-paced living.See this pink paper below? These are our tickets going back to Vientiane Capital.

I never thought I would ever walk 1.5 km just to buy a bus ticket.

But I and my friend had to.

We walked continuously under a very warm weather.

I remember how I frequently had to apply sunblock. It was funny but truly uncomfortable.

The sun is fine, it was refreshingly new for both of us. Besides, we had no choice. We also had to bear getting sprayed-at numerous times! Imagine how awful we looked like before we got to the train station.

We finally got to the Bus Station where we bought the tickets. Getting there was very challenging.. So if you have plans of going to Vientiane or just anywhere in Laos, you have to make sure that you have “Useful Expressions in Lao” handy. Most of them do not speak English so you really have to get your useful expressions working immediately.

The pink ticket above costs more each in comparison to the ticket coming here. Going back costs 20,000 kip higher. But wait—along the bus trip, all of the bus passengers will have a chance to eat their famous Lao Noodle. 🙂


FLASHBACK: Laos ~ Tsoo tsoo: Train Travel!

Next Stop: LAOS

Laos is still part of Southeast Asia. Although the ambiance here and culture is more laid-back. I didn’t know what to expect. Me and my friend simply chose those countries close to each other. So the cheapest way, although not the fastest and easiest, is to do it by train. 

Courtesy of: Seat61.com.
So this is the train we rode on our way to Nong Khai.
Sunrise in Nong Khai
I’d say we got bored since it’s a 12-hour train trip but it’s fine.
Nothing beats experience.
I constantly look at the map and eventually decided not to.
The announcer was speaking in Tai-Kadai which was obviously derived from Thailand.
I was a bit worried but since I am here, I have to take it and just wait.


Yay! We finally reached Laos. Now we have to ride the famous tuktuk and go to Vientiane! 😀

It looks like a tricycle of course but this is bigger.

Upon arrival,  People were talking to us and we’re just left in awe. Until they thought, “Ah maybe they aren’t Thai or Lao.” Yes you got that right! 🙂 “Sorry, we don’t speak Thai or Lao.”. Which they responded with: “Ah, are you from Myanmar?” 

Anyway, we finally arrived in Vientiane and we’re getting ready for another 12-hour ride. This time, by bus. A bus to Luang Prabang.


FLASHBACK: Thailand ~ Food and Discretion

The very first attempt to eat rice was a disaster. We were so hungry from the plane ride, the 6-hour wait in the airport, the train travel and all. We then found a small table where random foods were being sold. Saw a nice looking set of rice, chicken and  few leaves. We were so excited but we have to defer eating until we find the inn. It was such a spicy lunch for both of us.

Because of that, we avoided experimenting an ended up buying noodles. But it’s still spicy.




This was after we joined the Songkran Festival.

Pad Thai and Fried Rice!

Must try!








I think it’s just a matter of finding the right ones and being with the right people and places and find the best food to try.

FLASHBACK: Thailand 2015 -Street Stuff

In  a place unknown, you really have to be cautious. If you are, however looking for adventure,you have to face the uneasy feeling of getting lost. 

We decided to go out. 

Go out and see the wonderful city and get a good look of places and things to see.

Street Foods in Silom Road

Their street foods are almost the same with what we have. Of course the fish balls and squid balls tastes a bit different. I can hardly explain the taste. But you’ll know this is how Thailand is. 

These are the street foods in Mo Chit. This is quite far from the Inn. We traveled by train and basically, this was located at the last station. We didn’t try everything as we are not a fan of spicy food. But surely, those spicy lovers would love the variety here in Thailand. They specialize in spicy foods and they know how to make you cry !  Awesome. 🙂

So here’s a fruit stand. It’s cute how they call their products. They specify what benefits you can get and it’s just so cool how much variety you can get in each order. It can be from 2 – 3 fruits in one or a mix of vegetable and it’s so refreshing! So here’s a fruits stand. It’s cute how they call their products. They specify what benefits you can get and it’s just so cool how much variety you can get in each order. It can be from 2 – 3 fruits in one or a mix of vegetable and it’s so refreshing!

So this is simply me showing off  the fresh fruit juice from the stall.:)

Affordably nutritious for 30THB!

FLASHBACK: Thailand – Temples, Temples and more Temples!

Thailand is famous for their historic temples and traditions. So here’s a few: 

Along the way…to wat pho.
Tickets! 😀

Truly unforgettable. This is one of the biggest places we’ve ever been. 

It’s called Wat Pho. So many temples and palace. 

Goin back home to Station 1 from Station 8.
I think almost everywhere, there’s a Chinatown.
So this temple is actually located in Chinatown. Far from Wat Pho though.
Also in Chinatown.
On the bottom right hand corner, we were actually on our way  back from buying a ticket to Laos, when this man approached us and gave us names of places we should try. So amongst those places, we bumped into this big temple on the left. I’m not even sure what this is called but this was in Chinatown. This was a tribute to a king.

FLASHBACK: Thailand 2015 -Songkran Festival

Festivals are fun. It can be anything! From mascots to water splashing, to fireworks and everything else! 

But this year was different. Thailand celebrates New Year every April. And this 2015, I was part of this huge gathering. They call it Songkran Festival. We chose to stay in Silom Road. The event goes for three days and there are 2 main roads you can celebrate this at a particular time. Although, you’ll see almost any one point their water guns at you. Too bad, you can’t escape. You must be a good sport! 

And the best thing is meeting people whom you can share this event with.


Awesome people and adventure!

Me and my friend enjoying the water drops from the roof!

But it doesn’t end so early. People will still be on the streets trying to put powder on your face and spray water once more. Although it should end at 10PM, some decided not to end it as yet.You have to be prepared –all the time. Make sure you have a mini plastic bag to protect your stuff.

Meanwhile..Here’s once greeting from one of the restaurants along the road.


Couchsurfing Special: Welcoming Yulia in Lipa, Batangas #1

Здравствуйте!  (Hello!)  How are you doing? I hope you are all doing something fun and you are happy. So, I actually didn’t expect that I would be writing something about this trip. I just really want to share something that I have never experienced before.

Having Yulia in my house for a few days had been so much fun. My place isn’t something that offers a lot of fun activities, but we were lucky to have seen some beautiful places.

Since it’s her first time here, one tourist spot that she wanted to see was the “Taal Volcano”. Although it wasn’t as exciting as having a party, this was focused on appreciating the beauty of nature.

On Tuesday, she arrived in Lipa. Prior to her arrival, she stayed with an Awesome host in Manila. First stop was mom’s office and we left her bag there for a moment. Next,  Fat Grill! It’s not a tourist spot, but if you are looking for some really good food, then look no further because you’ll definitely find these awesome meals.

We ate:

Fat Boy’s Liempo – which is composed of fried Anchovies, Liempo and some slices of tomatoes + a cup of rice.

Krispy Kare Kare (KKK) – The traditional Kare-kare but without the overwhelming soup. They offer a small bowl of soup and the meats are especially made Krispy added with the complementing taste of alamang.

Baby Come Back – it’s Baby back ribs that are really tasty and delicious. Awesome! you should try it.

Sadly, I don’t have beautiful photos to share with you regarding that, but if you are interested to try it, please check out the link down below so you can visit Fat Grill itself.



Couchsurfing Special:  Going to Taal, Batangas with Yulia #2