The Missing Jumpshots

Allie was shocked to hear about the costly fare going to Batad. It wasn’t really clear why it would cost too much. She understands that there are only a few rides but it didn’t feel right. After about an hour, they arrived safely at their destination. Now, it is clear why the fare had to cost that much. The zigzags, the narrow road, the scary heights of these breathtaking mountains and the safety of the drivers. It’s worth the drive, yet dangerous to try.

The beauty of the various shades of green left them wanting more. Eventually, its beauty led them to an awesome trekking activity. They arrived at their hostel shortly after 20 minutes.  They continued exploring the muddy paths of Batad. Despite the numerous dead ends, they managed to find alternative routes until they find the next path.  Allie, an inexperienced hiker, had a difficult time. But she did not stop. She continued climbing, walking and doing her best until they reached the top. She was dragging her feet on the way up, but that didn’t stop her from having fun.


Michal continued to be his funny self and enjoyed jumping from one rock to another. He even took an equipment used for farming and strike a pose.  Rast’o, on the other hand, balanced having conversations between the two while helping Allie hop onto the next step on of this beautiful mountain.

Jumpshots – that’s what they love to do. Michal and and Rast’o enjoyed jumping onto the air for a well-taken photo. But that’s long gone. Those jumpshots were meant to be hidden. There were decent photos too, so that’s much better than those jumpshots you are never going to see.


They continued their trekking adventure. The rice field surrounded them with amazement. There’s nothing but fields of green. The mud complements the green perfectly.

“Ahh!” Allie managed to let out a short-lived scream. She slipped. Her left foot got stuck in the mud. They all laughed.

Every once in a while, Allie stops. With a constant push from Rast’o and reminders from Michal, they all made it to the top. These two men ordered a bottle of beer each. These stores have drinks that relieved the travelers from hunger and exhaustion. Allie ordered a cup of tea.

The clouds started to cover the beauty of greens. It’s getting dark. They had to move fast. It took them about an hour to reach the other side of the mountain. But it’s okay. They got home and took a rest.


….to be continued.

The Most Important Things You Learn When Traveling

Hello everyone! I have been thinking about the most important things I learned in my trips and I thought, why not ask this question to those who really enjoy traveling. And where else can I find those people? INTERPALS! But you might ask what Interpals is. Basically, Interpals is a website where you can meet new friends, penpals, travel buddies and language partners. For those who are lucky, this is a website where you can find really good friends for a lifetime. And I am happy to say that I am one of the lucky ones. I have been a member here for 3 years now, and I am very happy that through Interpals, I have seen the world from a distance, through this worldwide friendship.



Image result for happy people


I sent them a question, What did you learn about yourself while traveling? And here’s what people said:

“I’m more comfortable & more confident in a interstate city then my own city especially at night.” — Rivkah

Wow! I’d say that this is also true for me. I just don’t know why but I have the same feeling. 

“..To be patient.” — Iis

Yes, this is really important. Being patient is something you’ll learn along the way.

“My sense of direction is really really bad.” — Jimmy

Haha! This rings true even for me. 

“That I no longer subscribe to a sense of parochialism or provincialism, that the United States, in my humble estimation, is not the world; only a small portion there-of.” — Claire

“Sometimes, no plans are the best plans.” — Cristina

“I am capable and responsible.” — Imma

“That you can find true love anywhere in the world, no matter how different the two of you may be.” — Lyn

“…that I don’t need stuff, I need experiences. And that I can be friends with anyone, anywhere ehhehe.” –Alessandra

“…that I am taking too many things with me 😛 also that I miss my parents when I am not travelling with them or that I miss my home when I am travelling with them” — Marta

And then I saw this!

“That I am capable of doing more (by myself) than I thought I could…xD things that are scary don’t have to be impossible or difficult. I also found out that I am smarter at problem solving than I thought.” — Natalie

So there it is. These are real answers from people around the world. Can you relate? 🙂 I hope you do.

Feel free to share your own answers. And if you want to feature a question here, please get in touch. And you


Thank you and have a lovely day!


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Affordable Room in Puerto Galera


Inside the White Beach Resort are numerous sub-resorts. They offer a lot of places where you can spend the night.  The rooms with air conditioning facilities, bathroom and wifi can range from Php 1000 to Php 2880 ($21 – $63). 

But wait! Don’t fret.

We stayed at Bankawan Beach Resort. It is not very visible to the public but it’s really quiet and you have access to a convenience store where you buy all the necessities.

  • The room worth Php 1000 is definitely a good place to stay. It can accommodate up to three people.
  • Backpacking Tip: Bring a portable mattress or a comfortable piece of cloth. It would be great if you can bring something that feels like a thick blanket. You can spread that blanket on the floor later in the night. Now, 5 people can stay. 🙂
  • The bathroom is small, but who cares? As long as you can enjoy the water and you can pee, then you have everything you need! Besides, there’s a mirror that you can use to see your face. 🙂
  • Outside the room, there’s a small space that you can use to chit chat or drink some alcohol if you want to.
  • After swimming, you can also choose to hang your swimwear or your towel. It will surely dry the next day, even if you put it there late in the night.


If you don’t have the budget for that or if you want to feel more adventurous like a real backpacker, you can choose to bring a tent with you and set it up on the white sand. I’m just uncertain if there’s rent though. The good thing about this experience is you can see the sunset right away or the sunrise the next day. On the other hand, it might be less comfortable if you choose to stay there. You’d have to sacrifice your privacy and your waiting time if you want to take a bath.

So there you go! As low as 1000 Philippine Pesos, you have officially survived backpacking in White Beach Resort in Puerto Galera.

Story of the Week: On our way to Banaue

It has been a long afternoon. It was warm, but it rained too. But it didn’t matter.  They just happened to be enjoying the long walk from Rizal park until they stumbled upon this wonderful view near the sea. And surprise, surprise! There is a restaurant nearby called Harbor View. It was relaxing. It filled Allie’s heart with joy and appreciation. The view was very simple yet it gave her a sense of peace. She had never been there and would never have been there if not for these two.


They decided to order beer and fresh mango juice. Oh, the mango juice was so sweet. You should order one too!

It’s almost six in the evening and they only had few hours left before the trip to Banaue. Seeing that it”s getting dark, they hailed a cab through Uber and went straight to Mall of Asia. They wandered around.



They found some interesting spots outside and eventually found their way to Don Henrico’s.

It was fun finding a place to eat since the three were totally lost and undecided. Each of them ordered a 10-inch pizza; one was Seafood Romano, second was Primavera Pizza and the last one was Ham and Cheese–at least that’s what she remembers.


The time has finally come. Allie, Rast’o and Michal left for Banaue. They had different buses. Allie rode the Ohayami while Rast’o and Michal rode the Florida bus. These two buses are the ones you will find online if you are looking for a trip to Banaue and other places in the north.  (Check Pinoy Travel’s website for a smarter booking. )


It was indeed a long trip–9 hours to be exact. Ohayami left at 10 PM while Florida left at 10:45 PM. These buses have their own terminals but at the end of your trip, you will still go to the same town center in Banaue.

Allie arrived at about 6:40 AM while the other two arrived a few minutes after she did. The guides were serious about their jobs and was very helpful in providing their services. The bus was mostly filled with people from European countries. Allie wasn’t prepared for that, but discovering that Banaue is a popular destination for foreigners, it made her feel proud and happy. Ironically, she felt like she was on a trip abroad. The bus was filled with chatters in different languages. At some point, a group was laughing genuinely at their own jokes while the others are minding their business. But it wasn’t awkward at all. Allie’s excitement and anticipation of getting off the bus grew. She had to keep it to herself though as she did not want to look crazy smiling alone.

Next is the arrival.

There was a jeep ready to assist them in going to the Town Center. For those who have reservations already, someone will pick them up. Allie, Rast’o and Michal were assisted perfectly separately. Eventually, they were all in the town center eating their breakfast. The breakfast was a traditional Filipino meal. You can order something like longganisa, tapa, eggs (scrambled or sunny-side up), with rice, cucumber and tomatoes. The prices are reasonable and you would surely enjoy the food.

…to be continued.