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Yay! For those of you who have read my previous posts, you’ probably know that we have Niels as one of our contributors, right? Well, he shared another beautiful experience. And this time, it’s about AUSTRIA! 🙂



conventional long form: Republic of Austria
conventional short form: Austria
local long form: Republik Oesterreich
local short form: Oesterreich
etymology: the name Oesterreich means “eastern realm” or “eastern march” and dates to the 10th century; the designation refers to the fact that Austria was the easternmost extension of Bavaria, and in fact of all the Germans; the word Austria is a Latinization of the German name


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Q:  Where are you from?

A:  I am from a beautiful small country called Image result for netherlands flag gif Netherlands, a country between Germany and the UK. 

Q: When did you go to Austria? What do u like most about Austria? Elaborate or explain further.

A: I went to Austria in July 2015, first few days were extremely hot like 35 degrees, we also had much sun.  


What I like the most about Austria? The amazing and beautiful mountains of course! It all looks very pretty and I like the wild nature and high tops in the mountains… Also in Austria you see nice waterfalls and glaciers. 


Q: Can you tell us how far Austria is Netherlands? How long before you get there?

A:  Well we went there by car, we had to drive across Germany, I guess it is driving like 1200 km. 

Q:  What are the usual public transport in Austria?

A:  Mostly you’ll see bus and train as public transport, but we used the car. Also you’ll see mountain railways and cable cars to go up the mountain. 

Q: What is the most delicious Austrian food you have ever tasted?

A: I really like Apfelstrudel. This dish contains apple and raisins, it is nice warm and taste sweet, really delicious to eat after hiking in the mountains! 


Q: Where can we buy that food?

A: You can go restaurant, just try it at the Duisburger Hütte, all way up in the mountains.

Image result for Duisburger Hütte

It is also fantastic to eat a warm soup with fresh baked bread 🙂
Q: What are the estimated price of that food?

A: Not very cheap actually, I guess average plate prices are around the 6 or 7 euro.
Q: What are the cities you recommend?

A: Kalgenfurt is interesting place but not very special or giving a wow. When you really like romantic cities with nice churches and palaces go to Salzburg or Wien (Vienna) Austria is a country with many nice castles and palaces, so it is awesome to see this someday. And you know in palaces or castles everywhere you see details and designs. Like about every piece of the building has history and own unique design.


Q: What are the seasons in Austria?

A: You got 4 seasons in Austria. Winter, spring, autumn and summer. Most tourist go Austria in winter, just think about ski and ice skating.


 During the summer you can hike in the mountains. Spring and autumn are less popular because of the weather type.


Q: Please recommend festivals that tourists should experience.

A: Hmm maybe spot some folk dance in Austria? And yes during the winter sport you have après ski festivals.
Q: What’s your message to our friends who are considering to travel to Austria?

A: When you love nature so much go Austia, you will be surrounded by amazing mountains. You like to make nice mountain walks and see beautiful glaciers? Go to Austria because Austria has beautiful landscapes 🙂


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