FLASHBACK: Thailand 2015 -Songkran Festival

Festivals are fun. It can be anything! From mascots to water splashing, to fireworks and everything else! 

But this year was different. Thailand celebrates New Year every April. And this 2015, I was part of this huge gathering. They call it Songkran Festival. We chose to stay in Silom Road. The event goes for three days and there are 2 main roads you can celebrate this at a particular time. Although, you’ll see almost any one point their water guns at you. Too bad, you can’t escape. You must be a good sport! 

And the best thing is meeting people whom you can share this event with.


Awesome people and adventure!

Me and my friend enjoying the water drops from the roof!

But it doesn’t end so early. People will still be on the streets trying to put powder on your face and spray water once more. Although it should end at 10PM, some decided not to end it as yet.You have to be prepared –all the time. Make sure you have a mini plastic bag to protect your stuff.

Meanwhile..Here’s once greeting from one of the restaurants along the road.



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