Antoine in the Philippines

Bonjour! I am very excited to say hello to all of you and see the beauty of El Nido, Palawan through Antoine’s experience. Let’s learn more about this trip.  Whether or not he enjoyed his experiences, let’s see what Antoine has to say. 😀

Conventional short form: Philippines
Local long form: Republika ng Pilipinas
Local short form: Pilipinas
Etymology: named in honor of King Phillip II of Spain by Spanish explorer Ruy LOPEZ de VILLALOBOS, who visited some of the islands in 1543


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Q: Where are you from?

A: France Flag France animated gif 120x90


Q: Why did you go to the Philippines? Where in the Philippines did you go to?

A: From Palawan to Manila (4 different islands). Because that’s an awesome country and people are really nice. The weather is hot and some of my friends already went there and loved it.

Q: Can you tell us how you traveled from FRANCE to PHILIPPINES? How many hours was the trip?

A: By plane. It’s like, 18 to 19 hours plus 2 or 3 hours between the 2 flights.


Q: What do you like most about the Philippines?

A: Landscape, people and girls 😇 




( Hahaha! Very good Antoine. I guess I’ll have to agree with you on that one. How about you guys? What’s your take on this one?)


Q: What is the most delicious Filipino food you have ever tasted?

A: Pork Adobo 🙂

Image result for Pork Adobo in Palawan

Q: Where can we buy that food? 

A: Every restaurant or people selling fooood in the street. 🙂 Really cheap like 2 to 4 €.


Q: What are the cities you recommend?

A: Go to Palawan it’s the best island for me but i would rather go to Indonesia next time. 

Q: What’s the season in the Philippines?

A:It was a hot season. 


Q: What is your message to our friends who would like to travel?

A: Definitely a good trip but maybe not my favorite. I’m planning to go to Indonesia and South America. I think it will be better even if Philippines was fun 🙂

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FLASHBACK: Thailand 2015 -Songkran Festival

Festivals are fun. It can be anything! From mascots to water splashing, to fireworks and everything else! 

But this year was different. Thailand celebrates New Year every April. And this 2015, I was part of this huge gathering. They call it Songkran Festival. We chose to stay in Silom Road. The event goes for three days and there are 2 main roads you can celebrate this at a particular time. Although, you’ll see almost any one point their water guns at you. Too bad, you can’t escape. You must be a good sport! 

And the best thing is meeting people whom you can share this event with.


Awesome people and adventure!

Me and my friend enjoying the water drops from the roof!

But it doesn’t end so early. People will still be on the streets trying to put powder on your face and spray water once more. Although it should end at 10PM, some decided not to end it as yet.You have to be prepared –all the time. Make sure you have a mini plastic bag to protect your stuff.

Meanwhile..Here’s once greeting from one of the restaurants along the road.


STORY OF THE WEEK: From Japan to Canada; Years of Friendship #1


Hello everyone! 🙂Story of the Week Yellow.png

Thanks for your continuous support.

I recently met Toshi-san, Japanese.  He enjoys playing golf and had been to numerous countries in his lifetime. He is really nice and he has many things to share and now, I am very excited to share something about his love for Canada and how he met people along the way.


Image result for canada gif flag

First, Canada is cooler than Japan in the summer time. Toshi-san went to Vancouver, Calgay, Banff Springs and Lake Louise, Canada. It has rocky mountains. He played golf. At that time, he made a friend; one couple. It has been 23 years ago and until now, they are still friends. They send letters. In 1999, he asked them if they had plans in year 2000, and since there hasn’t been any plans, he invited the couple to visit Osaka. It was the memorial year. It was such an exciting event for Toshi-san. With humor, he told the couple not to forget their wallets of course. 🙂



Welcoming Party for Toshi and his wife

In 10 days, they enjoyed Kyoto, Tokyo and some relaxing hot springs. That was in 2000. Since then, they enjoyed meeting up every 2 years. In 2002, Toshi and the couple went to Canada once again. In 2004, they joined a Caribbean Cruise. In 2006, they met in Prague and played golf. In 2008, they enjoyed their Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver. The trip lasted for a week. It was followed by several catching-ups. From there, they have established a lifetime friendship they will never forget.

Of course it doesn’t end there. Other than the beauty of traveling, Toshi-san have had good experiences with other people. I asked him if there was a food that he had never tried in Japan. And yes,there was.

One time, the couple called their friends. There were 4 couples invited + Toshi’s  friends (1 couple) and him.

“I would like to tell you about the meat from Alberta state. First, there’s this western story wherein cows will fight. As you may know, Jeans at that time comes from cows. I think it was about 100 years ago when gunmen guarded 3000 cows from the East to the North. They traveled with the cows from the American and Canadian border until the end of the state, Alberta. That’s the history. Anyway, I really enjoyed eating the Alberta steak. We had a meat party that night.”

I am pretty amazed by the way Toshi-san tells me a story. I wanted to know more so I asked if he had ever been interested in learning French. Unsurprisingly, he said Yes. In fact, he studied French in Kansai University 63 years ago. And with that, I chuckled in amazement. Of course, he laughed too. He was such a pleasure to talk to. He said that he even witnessed World War II and at that time, he’s 12 years old.

How cool is that?! 🙂


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Feel it in Brazil

Wow, I can’t believe that I am now writing this as my third article. I am glad that you are reading and looking at this simple experiences that our friends from around the world are sharing.

Today, let’s talk about Brazil. This is from Gabriel’s experience and he gladly answered our questions about some places in Brazil.

OFFICIAL NAME: Federal Republic of Brazil
FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Democratic federal republic
CAPITAL: Brasilia
POPULATION: 183,888,841

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Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Brasil, São Carlos-SP


Q: What do you like most about Brazil?

A: Well, I really like that I am here with my family and friends.


Q: What is the most delicious Uzbek food you have ever tasted?

A: I don’t know all about the Brazilian foods, but I love the lasagna my aunt makes. It is delicious. I also like roast beef and Feijoadas. 

Image result for brazil feijoada
Brazilian Feijoadas


Q: Where can we buy that food? How much is it?

A: I don’t know but if you come here, you can have lunch with my family, we will be happy to have you here. And for the price, maybe it’s $10.


Q: What are the cities you recommend?

A:  There are many places you can visit. For example, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Maceio, Manaus, Florianopolis, Salvador, Foz do Iguaçu, Bonito.

Image result for Sao Paulo

São Paulo, Hola Sudamérica

Image result for rio de janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

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Q: What are the seasons in Brazil?

A: Well, it’s a little cold in August, but most of the time in the year, Brazil is hot. 


Q: How can you describe Brazilians?

A: I cannot describe our people because Brazil have many differences, but maybe, I can say funny and friendly.


Q: Is your language difficult to learn?

A: It depends on the person but I don’t think it’s difficult.


Q: What is your message to our friends who would like to travel?

A: Come to Brazil! let’s be friends. 🙂



Thank you for your warm welcome Gabriel!

As you have read, Gabriel sounds very enthusiastic and friendly. I guess it’s true when he said the Brazilians are friendly.

So there you have it. Here are some details that could be helpful in your search for places to visit in Brazil.



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Couchsurfing Special: Going to Taal, Batangas with Yulia #2


Next is Taal Volcano. 🌋
We woke up at 4AM, had breakfast and prepared for the trip. At almost 6AM, we arrived in Taal, Batangas. We waited for our guide and then we started exploring the mountain. At first, we rode the car down to the steep part of the mountain. Then we rode a boat and saw this beautiful view.


The boat ride ranges from 1,000 Php to 2000 Php, you just really have to find someone who will help you get the best discounts possible.


Then we started hiking.

You can see the horses below. You can rent them for 500 Php (if you are coming from the other side of San Nicolas, although I can’t tell you which one). Obviously, all of us did not feel the need to ride this poor horse. Besides, hiking is good for our health.

It actually surprised me that I was okay after the hiking since I haven’t exercised for a long time. But Yulia, I have no doubt. She walked happily and hiked really well.


Then we saw this breathtaking view.


…and took a photo.

Of course, we didn’t let the chance of eating traditional food, go to waste.


After eating a heavy meal, we started sipping our fresh “buko” or Coconut.


Here’s Yulia, enjoying the view of several fresh coconuts in one table.onestepadventures_cont_allie_fresh-coconut1

After a bountiful meal, we sipped our share of coconuts.

We went down to see Mr. Carabao whom Yulia gave a kiss. 💋


Below, you can see the Antona Cave in the mountains of Laurel, Batangas.

However, it’s not a tourist spot, but if you can find this then you are lucky. 🙂


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Couchsurfing Special: Welcoming Yulia in Lipa, Batangas #1

Здравствуйте!  (Hello!)  How are you doing? I hope you are all doing something fun and you are happy. So, I actually didn’t expect that I would be writing something about this trip. I just really want to share something that I have never experienced before.

Having Yulia in my house for a few days had been so much fun. My place isn’t something that offers a lot of fun activities, but we were lucky to have seen some beautiful places.

Since it’s her first time here, one tourist spot that she wanted to see was the “Taal Volcano”. Although it wasn’t as exciting as having a party, this was focused on appreciating the beauty of nature.

On Tuesday, she arrived in Lipa. Prior to her arrival, she stayed with an Awesome host in Manila. First stop was mom’s office and we left her bag there for a moment. Next,  Fat Grill! It’s not a tourist spot, but if you are looking for some really good food, then look no further because you’ll definitely find these awesome meals.

We ate:

Fat Boy’s Liempo – which is composed of fried Anchovies, Liempo and some slices of tomatoes + a cup of rice.

Krispy Kare Kare (KKK) – The traditional Kare-kare but without the overwhelming soup. They offer a small bowl of soup and the meats are especially made Krispy added with the complementing taste of alamang.

Baby Come Back – it’s Baby back ribs that are really tasty and delicious. Awesome! you should try it.

Sadly, I don’t have beautiful photos to share with you regarding that, but if you are interested to try it, please check out the link down below so you can visit Fat Grill itself.



Couchsurfing Special:  Going to Taal, Batangas with Yulia #2


Story of the Week: SkyCab and Wildlife Park, Langkawi Island, Malaysia 2016


Hey everybody! How are you? I hope you are well because I am! I am also excited to share Shiori-san’s delightful experience in Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Unlike Shiori-san and her husband, I haven’t been to this place, that’s why I am so amazed by the beauty of this place when I saw it. I can say that it’s somewhat similar to the islands I see in the Philippines ( at least based on the photos online–I haven’t been to most of the islands here in the Philippines anyway. 😛 ).
So according to “langkawi-info website“, Langkawi Island is a collection of 100 islands and you can find numerous adventures in each one of them. One good example is the SkyCab where you can see the breathtaking view from three different spots namely: Base Station, Middle Station and Top Station.
Shiori-san was nervous but she also crossed the SkyBridge excitingly. There were parts of the bridge that are made of glass and you can see the almost endless depth of the beautiful mountain.

This photo is not mine. It belongs to
For those of you who want to visit this place, you may call  +604 959 4225  and ask all about the things you want to know such a price, fees that you need to pay and so on.
As for my friend Shiori-san, she and her husband enjoyed this trip very much. During the SkyCab ride, she met a lady who was very nice and conversant in English.

Of course, they wouldn’t miss the very famous Langkawi Bird Paradise.

Source: Shiori-san

This bird looked very classy in its standing position. I wonder if it’s thinking or if it’s just gazing into the distance.

Source: Shiori-san

Those crossed legs combined with the natural beauty of its feathers are indeed very elegant to look at.

Source: Shiori-san

Unfortunately, Shiori-san cannot find the names of these amazing creatures. Nonetheless, these creatures are still beautiful.

The adventure doesn’t end here though. The couple also found some monkeys and lizards during their Mangrove Trip. They booked the Mangrove trip before their flight so there weren’t any hassles, all they have to do was enjoy. In tht mangrove trip, they experienced riding this small boat. It was a good experience and the even fed eagles flying by.
Source: Shiori-san
Here you can see a big trunk where the lizard decided to rest. Or maybe, it is looking for a friend.. Hmm, what do you think?
Source: Shiori-san
And here is the cute monkey who seemed to be saying something through its gestures and convincing eyes.
So there you go! Thank you to Shiori-san and her husband for sharing this wonderful experience. If you have experienced something like this or if you are thinking about going to some places in Malaysia, consider going to Langkawi Island and have fun!
See you!